Irina Batkova

Moscow, Russia

"Working in a studio or agency – in a company that has to maintain staff – it is difficult to avoid the ‘conveyer-belt’ mentality. I love all the stages of creating a concept and then trying to make it work, giving it 100% of my effort. In fact, I became an independent designer to have the freedom to plan my time and tasks in such a way as to fit the most into my working day."

Irina Batkova (Moscow, Russia)


Irina Batkova is a young brand designer living and working in Moscow. For the last three years she has been a freelance. The basic direction of her activity is in the field of corporate identity. The advantages of an integrated approach to Batkova are that her customers receive solutions that are thought-out all around, with the potential to scale up or down without any loss of recognition.

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Irina Batkova (Moscow, Russia)

IdN v19n4: The Shapes-In-Pattern Issue p40-41

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IdN v19n4: Shapes-in-Pattern

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