Direction, design, illustration and animation by: Bill Sneed
Music and sound design by: Braincloud

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IdN v16n6: The Colour Issue

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Vascolo – Prosegur Personal Localization (1:19)

IdN Onair

Prosegur Personal Localization

Blockboy – Monument of the Broken Souls "E E E" (2:50)

IdN Onair

Monument of the Broken Souls "E E E"

RocketscienceLab – People start trending (0:59)

IdN Onair

People start trending

Neal Coghlan – Punks Jump Up – Fairlight (4:07)

IdN Onair

Punks Jump Up – Fairlight

Malevo – Villa (1:00)

IdN Onair


Ataboy – Mojo Thunder (3:46)

IdN Onair

Mojo Thunder

INE & SANNE – DEBUT (3:30)

IdN Onair


Felix Deimann – Citius, Altius, Fortius (3:14)

IdN Onair

Citius, Altius, Fortius

Hello, Savants! – Rovers (2:16)

IdN Onair