As a farewell to 2011, we have selected 32 brilliant videos from the last five issues of Motion Gallery, which were themed around Network Branding, Projection Mapping, Mixed Media, Infographics and 8Bit Video-Games Technology, as well as from the online channel IdN Onair. This review of the best work to have appeared over the course of a year will become an annual feature.

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RocketscienceLab – People start trending (0:59)

IdN Onair

People start trending

Neal Coghlan – Punks Jump Up – Fairlight (4:07)

IdN Onair

Punks Jump Up – Fairlight

Malevo – Villa (1:00)

IdN Onair


Ataboy – Mojo Thunder (3:46)

IdN Onair

Mojo Thunder

INE & SANNE – DEBUT (3:30)

IdN Onair


Felix Deimann – Citius, Altius, Fortius (3:14)

IdN Onair

Citius, Altius, Fortius

Hello, Savants! – Rovers (2:16)

IdN Onair


Dirk Rauscher – Marbert Rocel – The Temple (4:50)

IdN Onair

Marbert Rocel – The Temple

Takafumi Tsuchiya – MTV Soundholic GFX pack (0:26)

IdN Onair

MTV Soundholic GFX pack