Video by Valentin Naffetat (WEMOTION)
Music by Pauline Le Caignec (KCIDY)

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IdN v19n4: Shapes-in-Pattern

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STATE Design – Goleada Ecologica (0:31)

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Goleada Ecologica

JR Canest – Resonance: The Interpreter’s House (0:21)

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Resonance: The Interpreter’s House

The Kolton Brothers – Whoever We Are (5:22)

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Whoever We Are

Alexandre Le Guillou – Connexions Part 2 (2:58)

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Connexions Part 2

M-I-E – Wasteland by Satellites (4:03)

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Wasteland by Satellites

The Mill – OFFF St. Petersburg 2014 Main Titles (2:04)

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OFFF St. Petersburg 2014 Main Titles

Danny Sangra – Odile et Michel (3:53)

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Odile et Michel

Takafumi Tsuchiya – IdN Opening (0:25)

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IdN Opening

WIZZdesign - QUAD Group – Orange/Retrospective – Flying V (2:00)

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Orange/Retrospective – Flying V