Director: Tony Benna
CoDirector: Ethan Indorf
Actor: Jaxon Northon
DP: 1st: Ethan Indorf, 2nd: Tony Benna, 3rd: Arron Buttig
Animation and Compositing: Tony Benna, Ethan Indorf, Mike Benna, Steve Salerno
Puppeteers: Tony Benna, Mike Benna
Production Assistants/ Art Directors:  Mike Benna, Steve Salerno. J.B. Benna
Music: 1st track:  Kean Levreault,  2nd track: Chris Lashelle

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RBG6 – H&M 'Layers' (0:36)

IdN Onair

H&M 'Layers'

Rogier Wieland – Starbucks Coffee Perfection (1:33)

IdN Onair

Starbucks Coffee Perfection

United Fakes – Making Of "BSKBOX" (3:27)

IdN Onair

Making Of "BSKBOX"

Rice Creative – This Is Strawberry (3:12)

IdN Onair

This Is Strawberry

Marmalade Bleue – Food For Thought (2:10)

IdN Onair

Food For Thought

M&E – OFFSET 2014 Speaker Titles Compilation (4:02)

IdN Onair

OFFSET 2014 Speaker Titles Compilation

Rogier Wieland – The Stand-Up Comedian (1:16)

IdN Onair

The Stand-Up Comedian

Susi Sie – Becoming Harmonious (4:46)

IdN Onair

Becoming Harmonious

The Old Mill – Pixilation Wars 03: Ball Game (0:06)

IdN Onair

Pixilation Wars 03: Ball Game