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Akvilė Magicdust — Vilnius, Lithuania

“Before painting legal murals I thought that my art was basically liked by young audiences – the ones who are my biggest fans on Instagram or couples who buy my prints for their first home. After painting murals, I found out that they bring smiles and appreciation from older folk too, and from very different social classes. Visibility is really the thing: I've reached a wider viewership. And yes, execution might take a month instead of a week compared to the process on paper.”

Akvile Magicust lives in Vilnius, where she is sharing a studio with other creatives and working as a freelance illustrator. She describes her work as “a reflection of a restrained Northern European mood with shades of tropical colours. The laconic narratives are conveyed in a painterly, primitivistic manner, often featuring urban landscapes inhabited by exotic fauna.”

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