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Bogdan Ceausescu — Bucharest, Romania

“Even if we live in an increasingly digital world that offers almost unlimited experience with content, I believe that the printed poster will continue to play a big role in our visual life, offering an experience that only print can provide. Printing brings a complete and unique sensorial experience, an acute perception of artistic reality, for all our senses contribute to the richness of this experience. The printed poster is about seeing, but also about touching, smelling, feeling with your senses. Therefore, the memory of a good printed design tends to be stronger than that of a digital design.”

A self-taught graphic designer living and working in Bucharest, Romania, Ceausescu has been a graphic designer and art director for several advertising agencies in his home city and now freelances mainly in the fields of printed matter, from visual identity to editorial design, with a strong focus on poster design and typography.

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