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Formascope Design — Yerevan, Armenia

How do you find designing for a restaurant different to other identity projects? “The working process and structure are the same, but tasks are different. In every project the most important thing to us is to provide the conceptualized and business working idea. For example, in the case of Gastropolis, the client came up with the idea of creating a new market format, which could integrate various corners, constantly increasing in number. The vector of creation itself led towards a dynamic identity, and this was the right choice. It was a dynamic transformation that formed the basis and set the whole rhythm of corporate identity.”

Formascope is a design studio based on a conceptual approach. It says: “We are constantly trying to find the multilayered combination of form and content. Each issue is analysed from the perspective of the form, serving as a base to create the individual attitude and style of each project.”

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