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Martin Zarian — Limassol, Cyprus

What makes a good promotional design? “No matter what the goal of your self promotion project is — new clients or your next career move — the focus should be on yourself. Your self-promotion piece needs to both draw attention and guide the viewers towards what makes you and your skillset unique. The best way to do so is to consider yourself as a brand, and create your self-promotion around your core values, mission and vision.”

As the co-founder and brand strategist of Factory39, Martin Zarian has a talent for analysing complex situations and describing them in uncomplicated output, with a soft spot for geometry and the golden ratio. With more than eight years of professional design experience under his belt, his portfolio showcases collaborations with FIFA, Lotto and Manfrotto. He has worked and lived in Italy, the UK, Estonia and Armenia and draws inspiration from connecting with different cultures.

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