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Milena Savić — Belgrade, Serbia

What differences with other design disciplines have you found when designing for reports, brochures and catalogues? “The most important difference is that these kinds of publications have a client in a central focus. So the design is led by the client’s wishes, needs, language and philosophy, or the existing visual identity. In this case, the project left me all the freedom to play with, from choosing a theme, a format, a content. The only thing that was determined was to design a brochure or catalogue.”

Milena Savić is a graphic designer and art director based in Belgrade, Serbia. She graduated from the Faculty of Art and Design, Graphic Design and Visual Communication Department, Belgrade. She has worked as a freelancer in the fields of graphic design and visual communication since 2010, mainly focused on publication design and branding. She says she is “in love with the smell of paper and print unchanged by digital pollution”.

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