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Peter Gregson Studio — Novi Sad, Serbia

“It is tempting, and much too easy to speculate on any space and ways to improve it. But that feels like a superficial mental exercise, and not a good idea rooted in reality of the given task. Environmental design (like any other design) needs to be an answer to specific circumstances and to solve concrete problems. In practice, we allow the situation to impose a solution through analysis, intuition and work.”

Peter Gregson Studio is an independent graphic-design studio with a reputation for delivering intelligent and engaging creative solutions. Working with clients both large and small, in Serbia and overseas, it produces a diverse range of work across multiple disciplines. From design projects such as packaging for a small local producer, across wine packaging, children’s books, glass packaging design, websites, all the way to corporate identity, brand positioning, retail-store design and branding. The studio’s team brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to every new project and the secret behind its success, they say, is in honesty and a lot of work.

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