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Sensus Design Factory — Zagreb, Croatia

“Every kind of project requires a specific approach: while the annual report design usually has to combine the brand/organisation story or message with the infographics that represent their achievements and results, design solutions for a brochure or catalogue depend largely on the theme of the project and differ greatly between sales or cultural projects, exhibitions or events. Generally speaking, compared with book or editorial design (which I admire a lot and love to do), report, brochure or catalogue design requires even more complex skill-sets combined to involve the reader in understanding the message and taking action based on the content presented.”

Sensus Design Factory (SDI) is an independent, internationally recognised design agency based in Zagreb, Croatia. Working in the fields of identity, print, packaging and interactive design for a wide range of clients, its work has been exhibited worldwide and recognised by a number of prestigious design organisations and publications. Their projects are also featured in the permanent design collections of many museums in Croatia and abroad. Nedjeljko Spoljar is its creative director/art director/designer, while Kristina Spoljar is studio manager/copywriter/designer.

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