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Velvetyne Type Foundry — Paris/Lyon, France / Berlin, Germany

“A new Velvetyne font should be distinct from all other Velvetyne fonts but also from any already-published retail or open-source fonts. It should have a backbone made of a strong concept. It should not be too easy to use, allowing people to question what they are doing. Even if it should not look like any of our previous releases, it should belong to the kind of punk aesthetics that have been our signature since the early days.”

Created in 2010, Velvetyne was the first francophone type foundry to release open-source fonts — allowing their use, modification and redistribution, while enhancing their creativity. The workshops they have organised since 2013 have helped spread their values “in real life”. Sometimes not totally finished, always in progress, Velvetyne’s typefaces embrace “a common spirit of roughness and sharpness that may make them difficult to use on the first try but which can lead to original and unique designs.”

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