Eibatova Karina

Moscow, Russian

"Now I am searching for the right balance inside me and taking the art less ambitiously than I used to. That is clear now – the feeling that life itself is more important than anything else, and you can’t feel it by sitting in front of a computer or a blank canvas."

Eibatova Karina (Moscow, Russian)


Eibatova Karina, aka Eika, is an illustrator and fine-artist. Eika specialises in drawing, illustration, video, calligraphy and typography. Her portfolio reveals a versatile artist equally adept at colourful Surrealist explorations as well as more traditional approaches. She has been published in various international books and magazines and has collaborated with several musicians for video and album-cover projects. She says that she regards “Nature, peace and love” as the core of her work. Since 2006 Eika has run a creative collective called Dopludo, which consists of three people. Recent projects include wall drawing in a new store in Sydney, murals and the interior of a new café-bar in St. Petersburg, and drawings for a whole floor in a new hotel in Barcelona.

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Eibatova Karina (Moscow, Russian)

IdN v19n4: The Shapes-In-Pattern Issue p48-49

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IdN v19n4: Shapes-in-Pattern

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