MoMA Design Studio

New York, USA

From its early days of shifting exhibitions until the permanent collection had been established in 1952, MoMA has been home to some of the greatest artworks ever assembled. Their mission could be defined as a unique centre for circulating new styles of art, its permanent collection is considered the most impressive and diverse assortment of modern art ever put together in one place.

MoMA Design Studio (New York, USA)


If you are living in the Big Apple and enjoying a love affair with art and design, then the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) must be on the top of your list of frequent-visit destinations. Situated on 53rd Street in mid-town Manhattan, the museum has been an iconic representative of contemporary Western culture since its inception in 1929.

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MoMA Design Studio (New York, USA)

IdN v19n5: Interactive Design Issue p68-69

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IdN v19n5: Interactive Design

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Timothy Goodman – Airbnb (New York, USA)


Timothy Goodman – Airbnb

Feeling Good Together (Sheffield, UK)


Feeling Good Together

Studio Lin – Alex Lin (New York, USA)


Studio Lin – Alex Lin

Andrew Townsend (Leicester, UK)


Andrew Townsend

Genis Carreras (London, UK)


Genis Carreras

Marcel Häusler (Hamburg, Germany)


Marcel Häusler

Studio Laucke Siebein (Amsterdam, The Netherlands / Berlin, Germany)


Studio Laucke Siebein

Pau Pausa (Barcelona, Spain)


Pau Pausa

Baillat Cardell & Fils – Jean Sebastien Baillat, Guillaume Cardell (Montréal, Canada)


Baillat Cardell & Fils – Jean Sebastien Baillat, Guillaume Cardell