IdN TV v21n2: Geometric Design – Moving in geometric circles
IdN TV v21n2: Geometric Design – Moving in geometric circles
IdN TV v21n2: Geometric Design – Moving in geometric circles
IdN TV v21n2: Geometric Design – Moving in geometric circles
IdN TV v21n2: Geometric Design – Moving in geometric circles

Geometry has always played an important role in the graphic arts and many of today’s animation movie-makers are attracted by its ability to achieve a unique visual equilibrium. We talked to four leading exponents about why they are so drawn to the grid. And in addition we feature 17 works by 13 motion experts that further demonstrate the advantages of knowing your Euclidian principles!

Koji Aramaki – Exclusive animation for IdN (0:34)

Exclusive short animation for IdN, 2014

Koji Aramaki – Kakashi (2:47)

Animation commissioned by 1stPlace, 2013

Koji Aramaki – Lyrical Sentence (2:39)

Promotion for novel Sekijitsu no Alice, 2013

Koji Aramaki – Super Tropic Tramp (2:52)

Music video for artist Julien Mier, 2013

Koji Aramaki – Wave Reflection (1:45)

Video for Vimeo Festival + Awards, 2012

Koji Aramaki – Perfume Global Site Project – Polygon Skin (1:08)

Video of motion capturing data, 2013

M-I-E – 2013 Glastonbury Promo for BBC Worldwide (1:00)

Promotion for Glastonbury Festival from BBC, 2013

M-I-E – 2012 London Olympic Promo for CCTV (1:03)

Title sequence for Olympic coverage from CCTV, 2012

M-I-E – Games Marketing Summit – IDG World Expo (0:31)

Opening titles for Games Marketing Summit and Awards, 2013

M-I-E – Space Invaders (0:20)

Projection mapping for London Olympic opening, 2012

M-I-E – Neon Sun by Satellites (3:22)

MV for the band Satellites, 2013

M-I-E – Wasteland by Satellites (4:03)

MV commissioned by band Satellites, 2013

Persistent Peril – Barbican: A Microcosm of London (3:35)

Motion history of Barbican Centre, 2013

Persistent Peril – Calika: Off (5:40)

Live visuals for Brighton Digital Festival, 2012

Persistent Peril – The Leisure Society: Fight For Everyone (3:49)

Promotion for new song from Leisure Society

Persistent Peril – The Globe Playground (0:38)

Educational video for Shakespeare’s Globe, 2013

Persistent Peril – Three Trapped Tigers: Noise Trade (4:03)

Official MV for Three Trapped Tigers, 2012

Takafumi Tsuchiya – Perfume Performance for Cannes Lions (8:19)

Performance for Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, 2013

Takafumi Tsuchiya – Lmitation Of Life by Eiko Ishibashi (4:50)

Music video for Eiko Ishibashi, 2013

Takafumi Tsuchiya – MTV Indies Chart/Indies Music Video Selection GFX pack (1:28)

Opening titles for MTV Indies Chat Show, 2013

Takafumi Tsuchiya – MTV Soundholic GFX pack (0:26)

Opening titles for MTV Soundholic, 2013

Takafumi Tsuchiya – Eclipse/Blue by Nosaj Thing (4:29)

Official music video for Nosaj Thing, 2012

Takafumi Tsuchiya – Tokyo City Symphony (3:13)

Symphonized projection mapping on model of Tokyo City, 2013

Takafumi Tsuchiya – Elevenplay for SonarSound Tokyo (5:01)

Performance video for SonarSound in Tokyo, 2013

Takafumi Tsuchiya – Hyouri Ittai by Yuzu (5:47)

Music video for Japanese music duo Yuzu, 2013

Al Boardman – Chicago – Five Great Buildings (1:29)

Short animation about five great buildings in Chicago, 2013

Alexandre Le Guillou – Connexions Part 2 (2:58)

Video part for Onedotzero Festival selection, 2011

Dirk Rauscher – Marbert Rocel – The Temple (4:50)

Official music video for Marber Rocel, 2013

Dirk Rauscher – Platonic Fracture #1 (0:48)

Animation short series for personal project, 2010

Evan Viera – Le Castle Vania - Prophication (1:46)

Official music video for Le Castle Vania’s EP, 2013

Hello, Savants! – Rovers (2:16)

Film selected for Culture Unplugged Film Festival, 2012

Hello, Savants! – Phonat – Ride The Prejudice (3:25)

Music video for the London based artist Phonat, 2013

Hello, Savants! – Projection Mapping – Studio Opening (2:16)

Documentation of projection mapping at Open Studio, 2012

JR Canest – Resonance: The Interpreter’s House (0:21)

Animation for collaborative project from SR Partners, 2012

Malevo – Villa (1:00)

Visual identity for Reykjavik Visual Music Puntoy Raya Festival, 2014

Max Hattler – Stop the Show AKA War (1:00)

Political short film commissioned by Amnesty International, 2013

Max Hattler – A Very Large Increase In the Size, Amount or Importance of Something Over a Very Short Period Of Time (2:16)

Experimental animation inspired by Fractals And Chaos Theory, 2013

Max Hattler – X (6:15)

Experimental animation designed for a water screen installation, 2012

Neal Coghlan – Punks Jump Up – Fairlight (4:07)

Promotion for music track by Punks Jump Up, 2013

Oscar Salas Gonzales – ENR Introduction + Ambient video (0:52)

Animated introduction for Epic Network Records, 2012

Oscar Salas Gonzales – Beastmode (0:10)

Video based on basic shapes and lines dedicated to minimalism style, 2012

Robert Wallace – Dead Head (1:18)

A psychedelic tale about the birth of Dead Head, 2013

Something Savage – Savage Factory (0:42)

Internal film exploring isometric projection, 2013

Takahiro Yasuda – Seventeen Official Videoclip (2:50)

Official MV for Japanese band Spangle Call Lilli Line, 2012

TomJobbins – Hiatus – We Can Be Ghosts Now feat. Shura (4:19)

Music Video for London artist Hiatus, 2013

Vit Zemcik – TEDx Hradec Kralove 2013 (0:35)

Opening sequence for TEDx Conference in Hradec Kralove, 2013

Persistent Peril – IdN Opening (0:30)

Exclusive title opening for IdN, 2014

Takafumi Tsuchiya – IdN Opening (0:25)

Exclusive title opening for IdN, 2014

Baillat Cardell & fils – BIAN - Laser (0:49)

Promotional video for International Digital Art Biennale, 2013

Baillat Cardell & fils – BIAN - Poster (1:22)

Video showing a series of 260 random posters for BIAN, 2013

Baillat Cardell & fils – Elektra 2013 – Chapter Of Anti Matter (4:49)

Experimental video made for Elektra 2013

Baillat Cardell & fils – Echoes Of Absence Montreal (1:55)

Demonstration for Echoes of Absence installation in Montreal, 2013

Baillat Cardell & fils – Echoes Of Absence in Mexico City (1:11)

Demonstration for Echoes of Absence installation in Mexico City, 2013

Baillat Cardell & fils – MUTEK MX (2:00)

Live visual for MUTEK Festival in Mexico, 2012

Hartung Trenz – Sign Of Life (3:44)

4 channel video installation on monument of Kaiser Wilhelm I, 2012

Hartung Trenz – St Mauritius (7:48)

Video installation in church St Mauritius in Moosach, 2013

Hartung Trenz – Generatio (8:06)

Video projection for 4th Lichtsicht Biennale Bad Rothenfelde, 2013

Hartung Trenz – Ave Maria (5:03)

Projection for 750th anniversary of Fürstenfeldbruck Church, 2013